Cover art: Morire de Cara al Sol, by Walton Ford, 2004. Reproduced by kind permission of Paul Kasmin Gallery.
A Writers’ Aviary

Fall 2007

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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A wide spectrum of work inspired by birds.

Rick Moody, Cardinal in a Forsythia

Anne Waldman, Tears Streak the Reddest Rouge: Duan zui jin si yan

Sven Birkerts, Zvirbulis

Martine Bellen, The Secret Conversing of Birds

Elizabeth Robinson, Crow & Robin

Howard Norman, A Flock Descends into the Pentagonal Garden

Diane Ackerman, Owl Puke

Micaela Morrissette, Ave Maria

Nathaniel Tarn, Ascending Flight, Los Angeles

William H. Gass, Garden

Forrest Gander, From The Tinajera Notebook

Eric Linsker, Five Poems

Catherine Imbriglio, Two Intimacy Poems

C. D. Wright, Like Something Christenberry Pictured

J’Lyn Chapman, A Catalogue and Brief Comments on the Archive Compiled and Written by the Ministery of Sorrow to Birds

David Shields, The Imaginary Dead Baby Sea Gull

Melanie Rae Thon, A Song Unbroken

Merrill Gilfillan, Three Essays from the Warbler Road

John Kinsella, Bird Cantos

Peter Orner, Birding with Lanioturdus

Yannick Murphy, Pan, Pan, Pan

Tim Dee, Vagrant Voices: Some Atlantic Crossings

D. E. Steward, Sandhills in Chukotka

Maureen Howard, Time Bends

Sylvia Legris, Three Poems

Arthur Sze, After Completion

Joseph Campana, Four Birds


Edited by Peter Gizzi and Bradford Morrow

Reginald Shepherd on Some Trees (1956)

Peter Straub on The Tennis Court Oath (1962)

Charles Bernstein on Rivers and Mountains (1966)

Brian Evenson on A Nest of Ninnies (1969)

Marjorie Welish on The Double Dream of Spring (1970)

Ronald Silliman on Three Poems (1972)

David Shapiro on The Vermont Notebook (1975)

Susan Stewart on Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror (1975)

Brenda Hillman on Houseboat Days (1977)

Kevin Killian on Three Plays (1978)

Ann Lauterbach on As We Know (1979)

Rae Armantrout on Shadow Train (1981)

Graham Foust on A Wave (1984)

Eileen Myles on April Galleons (1987)

Jed Perl on Reported Sightings (1989)

Ben Lerner on Flow Chart (1991)

Cole Swensen on Hotel Lautréamont (1992)

Marcella Durand on And the Stars Were Shining (1994)

Christian Hawkey on Can You Hear, Bird? (1995)

Anselm Berrigan on Wakefulness (1998)

Joan Retallack on Girls on the Run (1999)

Richard Deming on Your Name Here (2000)

Geoffrey O’Brien on Other Traditions (2000) and Selected Prose (2004)

Robert Kelly on Chinese Whispers (2002)

James Longenbach on Where Shall I Wander? (2005)

Susan Wheeler on A Worldly Country (2007)