Cover art: Kenneth Rexroth, Gustave Courbet’s Sister Regards A Paul Klee, 1929. Reproduced by permission of The Kenneth Rexroth Trust. Copyright © 2006. Private collection.
Selected Subversions: Essays on the World at Large

Spring 2006

Edited by Rikki Ducornet, Bradford Morrow, and Robert Polito.

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Creative essays on subjects as wide-ranging as rock ’n’ roll lyrics, science, movies, magic, pornography, curiosity cabinets, the number ten thousand, and beyond. Edited by Rikki Ducornet, Bradford Morrow, and Robert Polito.

John D’Agata, Three Essays

Joanna Scott, In a Glance

Geoffrey O’Brien, A History of Religions

Michael Logan, Investigation into the Death of Logan

Diane Ackerman, Give and Go

Rick Moody, The Pete Townsend Fragments

Robin Hemley, A Simple Metaphysics

Ned Rorem, Two Essays

Honor Moore, Hobart’s Brushes

David Shields, The Thing about Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead

Forrest Gander, Pig of Gold

Rosamond Purcell, Elements: Two Essays

William H. Gass, Mimesis

Anne Carson, Beuyskreuz

John Crowley, Practicing the Arts of Peace

Eliot Weinberger, Muhammad

Robert Harbison, The Mental Traveler

Martine Bellen, The Cyborg Suite

Sven Birkerts, The Ghost of Electricity: The Dylan Face

Paul West, The Shadow Factory

Fanny Howe, One Night in Weimar: An Essay

Matthew Kirby, On Reading the Bodies of Fathers

Kenneth Gross, The Blackened Puppet

Shelley Jackson, The Original Death & Burial of Cock Robin

The Brothers Quay, Ten Unproduced Scenarios