Cover art: The Return, by Jake Berthot, 1999. Reproduced by kind permission of the artist and Nielsen Gallery, Boston.
Two Kingdoms

Fall 2003

Edited by Bradford Morrow; Guest Edited by Howard Norman.

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An anthology of previously unpublished fiction, poetry, essays, and multigenre works that address the theme of inescapable dualism in our lives, from the geographic to the linguistic, from the psychological to the historic, and beyond. Features a Gaddis tribute dossier edited by Rick Moody.


Edited by Rick Moody and featuring tributes by Don DeLillo, Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt, David Grubbs, Russell Banks, Susan Cheever, Ben Marcus, Mary Caponegro, Steven Moore, Sven Birkerts, Robert Coover, Joanna Scott, Rodrigo Fresán, Cynthia Ozick, Maureen Howard, Jonathan Lethem, Edie Meidav, Joseph McElroy, Bradford Morrow, Stewart O’Nan, Carter Scholz, David Shields, Christopher Sorrentino, Joseph Tabbi, and William H. Gass.

Guest Editor’s Note to Two Kingdoms

Leslie Scalapino, ‘Can’t’ is ‘Night’

Howard Norman, Trees of the Epistolary Life (with art by Jake Berthot)

Rebecca Seiferle, Night Music

Merle Collins, From Streams of Water

Donald Berger, Scotch and an Orange

Steve Erickson, Zed Lake

Renee Gladman, Untitled

Julie Agoos, I Remember Her as a Study in Red

Susan Howe, Bed Brought Out of Scotland

Bradford Morrow, (Mis)laid

Elizabeth Robinson, Arrow

Brian Evenson, Two Stories

Catherine Imbriglio, Two Poems

Michael Bergstein, The Reincarnate

Norman Manea, The Nomadic Text: Exile and Translation, An Interview by Sean Cotter

Carole Maso, The Passion of Anne Frank

James Tate, Five Poems

Martine Bellen, Seeing

Madison Smartt Bell, From The Head Cornerstone

David Antin, The Messenger

Jerome Rothenberg, The Pound Project

Ron Padgett, The Art of Thinking

Reetika Vazirani, Three Poems

Stanley Plumly, Spirit Birds

William Corbett, De Kooning

Mark Rudman, Birthday Call

Paul West, The Execution of Fegelein

Elizabeth Arnold, Three Poems

W. S. Merwin, To the Shadow

Clarence Major, Two Faces

Anselm Hollo, Guests of Space (II)

Michael Palmer, Four Poems

Reginald Shepherd, The Navigators

Joyce Carol Oates, The Gravedigger’s Daughter

Eliot Weinberger, Four Essays

Jackson Mac Low, Five Poems

Honor Moore, The Pink Dress

Rae Armantrout, Two Poems

Fanny Howe, Letters to Peter

Robert Kelly, How They Took My Body Apart and Made Another Me

Rikki Ducornet, The Ominous Philologist

Siri Hustvedt, Being a Man