Twentieth Anniversary Issue

Fall 2001

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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William H. Gass, Foreword

Christopher Sorrentino, Memory Alpha

Shelley Jackson, Dildo

David Foster Wallace, Good Old Neon

Howard Norman, View of Kala Murie Stepping out of Her Black Dress

C. D. Wright, From One Big Self: Prisoners of Louisiana

Mark Z. Danielewski, All the Lights of Midnight

Bradford Morrow, Amazing Grace

Anne Carson, Foam (Essay with Rhapsody) On the Sublime in Longinus and Antonioni

William H. Gass, The Apocalypse Museum

Yoel Hoffmann, The Shunra and the Schmetterling, translated from Hebrew by Peter Cole

Richard Powers, Singing

Ange Mlinko, Three Poems

Susan Steinberg, Lifelike

Joyce Carol Oates, The Fossil-Seeker

Paul West, Our Delius

Paul Auster, The Best Substitute for War

John Ashbery, Five Poems

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Audience

Myung Mi Kim, From Penury

Brenda Hillman, Two Poems

Diane Williams, Dear Born Just North of Poke

Thalia Field, Autobiography

Amy Catanzano, Two Poems

Rikki Ducornet, Sleeping with Schéhérazade

Robert Creeley, Pictures

Walter Abish, Shanghai

Harry Mathews, Clocking the World on Cue: The Chronogram for 2001

Brenda Coultas, An Experiment in Public Character

Ann Lauterbach, Two Poems

Forrest Gander, Four Poems

Brian Evenson, Müller

Lyn Hejinian, Slowly

Carole Maso, Solstice

Alexander Theroux, Camp Cedar Crest

Jorie Graham, Four Poems

Joanna Scott, The Usefulness of Ugliness

Robert Kelly, Dirt Roads

Nomi Eve, The Murder of Rabbi David Berliner Herschell

Mary Caponegro, Last Resort Retreat

Reginald Shepherd, Cloud Chamber

John Yau, Two Poems

Heather Ramsdell, From Vague Swimmers

Elaine Equi, Three Poems

Rick Moody, The Supremes

Martine Bellen, Seven Minds

Toby Olson, Mendoza: 1949

Edmund White, From Mrs. Trollope’s Life of Frances Wright

Gilbert Sorrentino, Life and Letters

John Barth, A Detective and a Turtle

John Edgar Wideman, Match