Fall 1997

Edited by Martine Bellen, Lee Smith, and Bradford Morrow.

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Editors’ Note

John Sayles on Nelson Algren

Kevin Young on Langston Hughes

Donald Revell on Henry David Thoreau

Ben Marcus on Dr. Seuss

Joanna Scott on Edgar Allan Poe

Steve Erickson on Henry Miller

Paul Metcalf on Ezra Pound

Rick Moody on John Cheever

Dale Peck on Shirley Jackson

Carole Maso on Gertrude Stein

Peter Straub on Raymond Chandler

Anne Waldman on Jack Kerouac

Norma Cole on Lorine Niedecker

Robert Creeley on Edwin Arlington Robinson

Paul West on William Faulkner

Elaine Equi on Frank O’Hara

C. D. Wright on Frank Stanford

Ntozake Shange on Sterling Brown

Quincy Troupe on Ralph Ellison

Mac Wellman on Ambrose Bierce

Bradford Morrow on Ralph Waldo Emerson

Phillip Lopate on Loren Eiseley

Ana Castillo on Anais Nin

Will Alexander on Bob Kaufman

Mona Simpson on Henry James

Amiri Baraka on W. E. B. Du Bois

Eli Gottlieb on Nathanael West

David Means on James Agee

Cole Swenson on Marianne Moore

Catherine Bowman on Sylvia Plath

Robert Kelly on Robert Duncan

Jim Lewis on Herman Melville

Victor Hernandez Cruz on William Carlos Williams

Maureen Howard on Willa Cather

Joyce Carol Oates on Henry David Thoreau

Nathaniel Mackey on Walt Whitman

Sven Birkerts on Elizabeth Bishop

Siri Hustvedt on F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ellen McLaughlin on Lillian Hellman

Diane Williams on Emily Dickinson

Jonathan Williams on Kenneth Patchen

Lisa Shea on Gertrude Stein

Lynne Tillman on Edith Wharton

Lawrence Osborne on Frederick Prokosch

Lydia Davis on Edward Dahlberg