Cover photograph © 1993 by Laurie Olinder: James Godwin as Newt Burman, Ridge Theater, in John Moran’s Everyday Newt Burman (The Trilogy of Cyclic Existence). Directed by Bob McGarth. Set design by Laurie Olinder. Reproduced with the kind permission of Ridge Theater.
Secular Psalms

Spring 1997

Edited by Bradford Morrow
with a special Music Theater Portfolio guest edited by Thalia Field.

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Maureen Howard, From ALMANAC; A Winter’s Tale

David Foster Wallace, Two Stories

Julio Cortázar, For Listening Through Earphones

Jena Osman, The Character

Joanna Scott, Yip

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Kali

Mike McCormack, Dead Man’s Fuel

Susan Gevirtz, From Black Box Cutaway

Gilbert Sorrentino, Things That Have Stopped Moving

Elizabeth Willis, Without Pity

Nathaniel Tarn, Burial Plot

Anselm Hollo, From And How On Earth

Can Xue, Homecoming


Thalia Field, Music Theater: Texts and Traces

Harry Partch, The Bewitched: A Ballet Satire with an essay, A Somewhat Spoof

Robert Ashley, From Foreign Experiences

Meredith Monk, Our Lady of Late

John Moran, From Everyday Newt Burman

Alice Farley and Henry Threadgill, Erotec [the human life of machines]: An Interview (with Thalia Field and Bradford Morrow)

Ann T. Greene and Leroy Jenkins, From The Negros Burial Ground

Ruth E. Margraff, From Wallpaper Psalm (an electric & hysteric operetta)

Yasunao Tone, Geography and Music

Neil Bartlett and Nicolas Bloomfield, From Lady Into Fox

Jeffrey Eugenides, Timeshare

Stephen Dixon, The Burial

Barbara Guest, Confession of My Images

Joyce Carol Oates, From The Negro-Lover

Jackson Mac Low, Instructing the Devouring Locust

Paul West, The Pure, Scalding Light ofTombstone, 1881

Toby Olson, Chihuahua

Robert Kelly, The Berlin Sonnets

Mary Caponegro, From Doubt Uncertainty Possibility Desire