Cover art ©1993 by José Bedia: Si Se Pudiera (“If only I could”), acrylic on canvas. Reproduced by kind permission of the artist and the Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida.
The Archipelago: New Caribbean Writing

Fall 1996

Edited by Bradford Morrow and Robert Antoni.

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Gabriel García Márquez, Caribe Mágico

Derek Walcott, Signs

Adam Zagajewski, The Room I Work In

Cristina García, A Natural History

Wilson Harris, From Jonestown

Olive Senior, Six Poems

Senel Paz, The Wolf, the Forest and the New Man

Ian McDonald, Mac Arthur’s Life

Kamau Brathwaite, Two Poems

Julia Alvarez, Consuelo’s Letter

Nilo Cruz, From Dancing on Her Knees

Juan Bosch, Two Stories

Manno Charlemagne, Five Songs

Bob Shacochis, The Day You See Me Fall Is Not the Day I Die

Antonio Benítez-Rojo, From Marina 1936

Rosario Ferré, From Eccentric Neighborhoods

Arturo Uslar Pietri, The Other

Adrian Castro, Three Poems

Severo Sarduy, Two Prose Pieces

Edwidge Danticat, From Condolences

Madison Smartt Bell, Prologue from The War of Knives

Linton Kwesi Johnson, Reggae Fi Bernard

Fred D’Aguiar, Axe and Anancy

Marlene Nourbese Philip, From Island Liturgies

Glenville Lovell, Coco’s Palace

Kwadwo Agymah Kamau, From Flickering Shadows

Mark McMorris, Pyramid Chapel

Mayra Montero, From Palm of Darkness

Lorna Goodison, The Sleeping Zemis

Robert Antoni, A World of Canes