Cover artwork © 1995 by Red Grooms. Scale model of set for John Guare’s Moon Under Miami, first performed at the Organic Theater, Chicago, 1995. Reproduced by kind permission of the artist and Marlborough Gallery.
The New American Theater

Fall 1995

Edited by Bradford Morrow, Guest Edited by John Guare.

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Joyce Carol Oates, Plays as Literature

Tony Kushner, It’s an Undoing World or Why Should It Be Easy When It Can Be Hard?

Suzan-Lori Parks, From Venus

Jon Robin Baitz, Amphibians

Han Ong, Mrs. Chang

Mac Wellman, The Sandalwood Box

Paula Vogel, The Mineola Twins, A Comedy in Six Scenes, Three Dreams and Five Wigs

Eric Overmeyer, The Dalai Lama Goes Three for Four

Wendy Wasserstein, Antonia and Jane

Christopher Durang, Nina in the Morning

Donald Margulies, Kibbutz

Ellen McLaughlin, Two Iphigenia Plays

Nicky Silver, Etiquette & Vitriol

Jonathan Marc Sherman, Evolution

Amy Freed, From The Psychic Life of Savages

Romulus Linney, Divine Comedy South

Keith Reddin, You Belong to Me

Joyce Carol Oates, The Adoption

Arthur Kopit, Elegy for the House That Ruth Built

Doug Wright, From Quills, a grand guignol

Robert O'Hara, Insurrection: Holding History

Erik Ehn, Every Man Jack of You

John Guare, Moon Under Miami, Scenes From a Play

Mark O’Donnell, Wish Technology

Harry Kondoleon, Saved or Destroyed

David Ives, Degas, C’est Moi