Cover painting © 1993 by Judy Pfaff: Early Herbals. Reproduced courtesy of André Emmerich Gallery, New York.
Critical Mass

Spring 1995

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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Yoel Hoffman, The Christ of Fish

Mark McMorris, The Black Reeds

Githa Hariharan, The Warden

Barbara Guest, Music History

Kathleen Fraser, Wing

John Taggart, Crosses

Thalia Field, From Ululu

Lydia Davis, Five Stories

Bernard Hoepffner, Pleasant Hill: An Interview with Guy Davenport

Guy Davenport, The Cardiff Team: Passages from a Longer Work

Douglas Messerli, Two Poems

Myung Mi Kim, From Dura

Marjorie Welish, Corresponding Saints

Donald Revell, To the Lord Protector

Meridel Rubenstein and Ellen Zweig, Critical Mass

Leslie Scalapino, From New Time

Peter Gizzi, Two Poems

Paul West, Colonel Clegg, A Life Sentence

Jason Schwartz, The Balusters

Cole Swensen, Two Poems

D. E. Steward, Agost

Mary Caponegro, Two Stories

Robert Creeley, Four Days in Vermont

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, The Four Year Old Girl

Martine Bellen, Calamity Jane

William T. Vollmann, Inside and Outside: Pages From the Atlas

Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Guignol’s Band (afterword by Dominic Di Bernardi)