Cover painting © 1991 by Komar & Melamid: Psalms. Photograph by Dennis Cowley. Reproduced courtesy of Ronald Feldman Fine Art, New York.
New World Writing

Fall 1994

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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France, Peru, Mexico, Italy, Israel, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Argentina, Spain, Russia, Egypt, Austria, Bosnia, Australia, Uruguay, Japan …

Olga Sedakova, Chinese Travelogue

Abd al-Hakim Qasim, From Al-Mahdi

Eduardo Galeano, From Walking Words (with illustrations by Jose Francisco Borges)

Yang Lian, Five Poems

Claudio Magris, In the Woods of Nevoso (with an afterword by Paul West)

Araki Yasusada (pseudonym), Poems and Rengas (with Ozaki Kusatao and Akutagwa Fusei)

Coral Bracho, Three Poems

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Five Beirut Poems

Nuruddin Farah, From Secrets (with an afterword by C. D. Wright)

Harold Schimmel, From Island to Island

Carlos German Belli, Variations for My Brother Alfonso

Jean Echenoz, From Lac

Bei Dao, Five Poems

Joachim Sartorius, Six Poems

Nina Iskrenko, Special Troikas

Juan Goytisolo, From The Marx Family Saga

Can Xue, Two Stories

Anne-Marie Albiach and Charles Bernstein, Travail Vertical et Blanc and Work Vertical and Blank

Ishihare Yoshiro, Seven Poems

Peter Cole, From Speech’s Hedge Where the Honey (afterword by Eli Gottlieb)

Paolo Capriolo, The Blue Dove

Botho Strauss, Pairs, Passersby

Semezdin Mehmedinovic, Five Prose Poems

Pascalle Monnier, Two Poems

John Tranter, The Howling Twins (with an afterword by the author)

J. Rodolfo Wilcock, From The Babel of Iconoclasts

Friedrike Mayrocker, Table of the Matter, or, The Completely Lost Letters of Frederic Chopin to His Friend Titus Wojciechowski