Cover photograph © 1991 Lynn Davis.
Tenth Anniversary Issue

Fall 1991

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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A 400-page extravanganza celebrating our tenth year of publishing innovative poetry and fiction.

Chinua Achebe, An Interview with Bradford Morrow (named a Shmoop 2010 Best of the Web winner for Things Fall Apart)

Juan Goytisolo, Getting Close to Gaudi

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, A Context of a Wave

Kathy Acker, From My Mother

Carla Lemos, Three Poems

Janice Galloway, Three Stories

David Foster Wallace, Order and Flux in Northampton

C. D. Wright, From Just Whistle

Diana Michener, Eight Photographs

Eric Darton, Radio Tirane

Nathaniel Tarn, Bartok in Udaipur

Aaron Shurin, The Wheel

Barbara Einzig, Aduwa

Robert Coover, The Early Life of the Artist

Paul West, Argot of the Dead

Ann Lauterbach, Tangled Reliquary

Charles Bernstein, State of the Art

Martine Bellen, The Letters

Donald Revell, Another Day

Armand Schwerner, Tablet XXVII

Robert Antoni, Papee Vince Tells of Magdelena and Barto

Diane Williams, Three Stories

Rae Armantrout, Two Poems

Lydia Davis, Four Stories

Robert Kelly, Reading Li Shang-yin: Falling Flowers

William T. Vollmann, An Incomplete Biography of Amantacha and the Huron

Jackson Mac Low, Two Poems

Peter Cole, On the Death and Existence of Isaac His Brother

Peter Gizzi, Blue Peter

Lynn Davis, Eight Photographs

Barbara Guest, Winter Horses

Charlie Smith, From Zebra Dunn

Joseph Sullivan The Young and the Restless: A Phrenology

Michael McClure, Spirit’s Desperado

Keith Waldrop, Three Poems

Thomas King Forcade: Living and Dying the Great Adventure

Mary Caponegro, The Complexities of Intimacy

John Hawkes, Breezing