Cover art © 1991 James Nares.
The Music Issue

Spring 1991

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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Essays, music, and interviews about everyone from Miles to Beethoven, Bach to Ellington, from medieval plain chant to avant-garde operetta.

Albert Murray, Storiella Americana as she is Swyung: Duke Ellington, the Culture of Washington D.C. and the Blues as the Representative Anecdote

Albert Goldman, Memphis to Memphis

Paul West, Always Bach

David Rattray, In Nomine

Amiri Baraka, Two Appreciations: Jackie Mc and David Murray

Robert Kelly, Against Music

Hilton Als, The Furies

Quincy Troupe, Up Close and Personal: Miles Davis and Me

Mitch Berman and Susanne Wah Lee, Orwell’s Bells

Hayden Carruth, The Spun-Off Independent Dead-End Ten-Star Blast

Clark Coolidge, From Comes Through in the Call Hold (Improvisations on Cecil Taylor)

John Abercrombie and David Starobin, An Interview with Bradford Morrow

Leon Botstein, Music in Time of War

Marjorie Welish, For Four Violins

Walter Mosley, Me and Satan

Kenward Elmslie, Area J

Nathaniel Mackey, From Djbot Baghostus’s Run

Lukas Foss, On the Uneasy Marriage of Music and Poetry

Anne Tardos, Ami Mindin

Philip Corner and Armand Schwerner, A Conversation

Gerald Early, Three Notes on the Roots of Rhythm

Jackson Mac Low, Lucas 1 to 29

James Nares, Tuning Forks

Barbara Guest, The Influence of Music on the Work of George Eliot as recalled by George Henry Lewes

John Taggart, Aria No. 17

John Ash, Two Essays: Why Do We Hate the Music of Our Time? and In Praise of Charles Koechlin

Hank O’Neal, George Wettling

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Size

Willard Gingerich, Drum of Poetry, Drum of War

Stephen Ratcliffe, Echoes

Carl Rakosi, Theme


David Shields, War Wounds

Gilbert Sorrentino, A Snowman and the Other Curiosities

Seth Morgan, Mambo Mephiste, an unfinished novel