Cover art by Brice Marden, June–July 1989. Reproduced courtesy of the artist.

Fall 1989

Edited by Bradford Morrow; Guest Edited by Patrick McGrath.

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Salman Rushdie, An Interview with Catherine Bush

Walter Abish, Reading Kafka in German

Charles Bernstein, Common Stock

Marjorie Welish, Two Poems

Martine Bellen, Deception

Barbara Guest, Three Poems

Jacques Roubaud, From Some Thing Black, translated by Rosmarie Waldrop

THE NEW GOTHIC, guest edited by Patrick McGrath

Hillary Johnson, From Physical Culture

William T. Vollmann, The Grave of Lost

John Hawkes, Regulus and Maximus

Jamaica Kincaid, Ovando

Peter Straub, From Mrs. God

Bradford Morrow, From The Almanac Branch

Robert Coover, Night of the Assassins

John Edgar Wideman, Fever

Clegg & Guttmann, Nine Portraits

Kathy Acker, The Beginnings of the Life of Rimbaud

Gary Indiana, Dreams Involving Water

Robert Kelly, Carville

Lynne Tillmann, The Trouble With Beauty

Mary Caponegro, The Sound

Sylvia Kelly, Colors

Paul West, A Whore’s Agincourt

Patrick McGrath, Afterword

D. E. Steward, March

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Irises

Robert Creeley, Four Poems from Helsinki

John Taggart, Vaguely Harmless

Diane Williams, Five Stories

READINGS: Reviews and Criticism

Paul West on Juan Goytisolo

Paul Metcalf on Lucia Berlin

Peter Cole on Edmond Jabès

Ann Lauterbach on Leslie Scalapino

Robert Kelly on Pierre Klossowski

Tom Clark on David Markson