Cover art by Gregory Amenoff. Reproduced courtesy of Hirschl & Adler Modern, New York.

Fall 1988

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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David Foster Wallace, John Billy

Norma Cole, Itinerary Control

Harry Matthews and Trevor Winkfield, The Way Home

Laura Moriarty, Four Poems

Joseph McElroy, From The Letter Left to Me

Robert Kelly, In the Light

Yannick Murphy, Into the Arms of the Man on the Moon

Georges Perec, The Winter Journey

Robert Coover, The Asian Lectures (In anticipation of the question, “Why do you write?”)

John Hawkes, An Interview with Bradford Morrow

Barbara Guest, Ilex

Karin Lessing, Three Poems

Armand Schwerner, TABLET XXVI: From the Laboratory Teachings Memoirs of the Scholar/Translator

Iliassa Sequin, Three Quintets

Paul West, An Interview by Bradford Morrow

William T. Vollmann, The White Knights (with photographs by Ken Miller)

Diane Williams, Three Stories

Jonathan Williams, Across the Kudzu and Way Down Yonder Under Algamila (with photographs by Guy Mendes)

Michael Davidson, Four Poems

Ron Silliman, From Hidden

Peter Cole, Ambit

Gilbert Sorrentino, Scenes from Bouquet Rag

Robert Creeley, Wisdom as Such: In Respect of Robert Duncan

READINGS: Reviews and Criticism

Kenneth Irby on Robert Duncan

Robert Kelly on Georges Perec & Jacques Robaud

Leonard Schwartz on Paul Celan

Sarah Belk on Alison Armstong

Gahan Wilson and Elisabeth Cunnick on Jay Cantor

Robin Winters on Tom Patterson

John Taggart on Theodore Enslin