Cover art: Painter's Partner, by Elizabeth Murray, 1980. Reproduced courtesy Elizabeth Murray and Paula Cooper Gallery, New York. Thanks to Carnegie Mellon University Art Gallery and Hoechstetter Printing Co.


Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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Walter Abish, I Am the Dust Under Your Feet

John Taggart, Marvin Gaye Suite

Leslie Scalapino, Jumping-jack flash

Harry Matthews, Lewis and Morris

Beverly Dahlen, From A Reading

Karin Lessing, Li Santo

Clark Coolidge, Three Poems

Gilbert Sorrentino, Chayne of dragons

John Ashbery, Finnish Rhapsody

Mary Caponegro, Materia Prima

Jan Groover, Columns

Joseph McElroy, An Interview (conducted by Bradford Morrow)

Ronald Johnson, Ark 57, The Gaia Spire

Thomas Meyer, The Nichol Suite

David Rattray, Opening the Eyelid

Robert Kelly, Three Imagines

James Laughlin, Holes

George Oppen, “Meaning Is To Be Here” A Selection from the Daybook

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Three Poems

Bruce Duffy, Sex and Character

Michael Heller, Two Poems

Dennis Tedlock, Five Days from a Dream Almanac

Ann Lauterbach, Two Poems

Nathaniel Mackey, Three Poems

Phillip Foss, Confusing Green with the Color Red: Allegories

Kenward Elmslie, Seven Tales from 26 Bars

Jonathan Williams, Eight Poems from Twits Gits Moles Proles & Odd Sods of Dreary Little Sebber

Nathaniel Tarn, Protoavia: Narrative of the Pilots

Keith Waldrop, Puberty

Frederick R. Karl, The Faulknerian Presence in Contemporary American Fiction