Cover art: Detail from Mirror Piece, by Elizabeth Diller. Courtesy Max Protech Gallery.

Spring 1985

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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John Hawkes, Innocence in Extremis

Leslie Scalapino, From That They Were at the Beach— Aleotropic Series

Gerrit Lansing, From The Orchards of Sleep

Kenneth Irby, [exercitatio/praecipere]

Marjorie Welish, Talking About Here

Robert Duncan and Michael McClure, In Interview

Theodore Enslin, Axes 82

Mary Caponegro, Tales from the Next Village

Douglas Messerli, From Maxims from My Mother’s Milk

Walter Abish, The Fall of Summer

Edmund White and Edouard Roditi, A Conversation on an Island in the Seine

Hayden Carruth, The Guy Downstairs

Gene Frumkin, Three Poems

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Empathy

Rosmarie Waldrop, From The Reproduction of Profiles

Portfolio: New Furniture by Artists and Architects

Gilbert Sorrentino, A Beehive Arranged on Humane Principles

Charles Stein, The Sad Machines

Clayton Eshleman, Two Poems

Nathaniel Tarn, From The Book of Songs

Ronald Johnson and Jonathan Williams, Nearly Twenty Questions

Cid Corman, Seeing Into & Seeing Through Leonardo’s Scapes

READINGS: Reviews and Criticism

Frederick Karl, American Fictions: The Mega Novel

Kenneth Irby on Robert Duncan

Hayden Carruth on Kenneth Patchen

Theodore Enslin on Hilda Morley

Bradford Morrow on Michael Heller

Brief Mentions