Cover art: Death Waits for Whimsy, by T. L. Solien, 1982. Courtesy of Getler/Pall Gallery, New York.

Spring 1983

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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William Gass, Three Passages from The Tunnel

William Gass, An Interview with Bradford Morrow

John Ashbery, Three Poems

Ann Lauterbach, Five Poems

Harold Schimmel, 1880

Gerrit Lansing, Four Poems

John Taggart, Two Poems

Coleman Dowell, The Great Godalmighty Bird

Gustaf Sobin, As It Unravels

Theodore Enslin, A Chromatic Fantasy

Robert Duncan, On Kenneth Rexroth, an interview with Linda Hamalian

Kenneth Rexroth, Excerpts from the Unpublished Autobiography

Jonathan Williams, Four More for The Great Dead

Carl Rakosi, Three Poems

Rae Armantrout and Ron Silliman, Engines

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Alakanuk

Tom Clark, The Border: A Play

Roberto Piciotto, The Pragmata of Baltasar Mung

Thomas Meyer, Two Poems

Michael McClure, Two Poems

Nathaniel Tarn, Thirteen Poems

Guy Davenport, O Gadjo Niglo

Luis Buñuel, Five Poems, illustrated by Jose Hernandez

Aimé Césaire, High Noon

Armand Schwerner, Threads through the Denkorodu, Records of the Transmission of the Light