Cover art by Roland Ginzel.

Spring 1982

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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Nathaniel Tarn, North Rim

William Gass, Uncle Balt and the Nature of Being

Frederick Busch, Critics

Robert Creeley, Five Poems

Theodore Enslin, Two Passages from AXES

Thomas Meyer, Sappho’s Daughter and Three Poems

Kenneth Rexroth, Vivienne Renaud

James Purdy, Adeline and Wonderful Happy Days

Mei-mei Bersenbrugge, The Heat Bird

Michael McClure, Two Poems

Czeslaw Milosz, An Interview with Albert Huerta

Ryvel and Vehel, The Bestiary of the Ghetto

James Laughlin, To the Scholar of Architecture

Kay Boyle, Excerpt from a Long Poem in Progress

H. D., A Friendship Traced: Letters to Silvia Dobson and a Poem (edited by Carol Tinker)

Gustaf Sobin, The Earth as Air

Carl Rakosi, Seven Poems

D. W. Faulkner, Five Poems

Gilbert Sorrentino, Doc Dubuque’s Idyll, or, Ah, Nature!

Walter Abish, Spanish Sky

Paul West, Dewey Canyon

Edward Dorn, A Robert Service Bear Flies Imitation

Tom Clark, Radio and Other Poems

Jonathan Williams, Some Clerihews of Clara Hughes

Kenneth Irby, Seven Poems