Author and Artist Index
Conjunctions 1–68

John Abercrombie. An Interview with John Abercrombie and David Starobin, Conducted by Bradford Morrow (16:107-121).

Cecile Abish. Fogg, photographs; Chinese Crossing, photographs (9:113-120).

Walter Abish. What Else (1:105-119); Spanish Sky (2:190); The Fall of Summer (7:110-141); Just When We Believe That Everything Has Changed (8:125-131); I Am the Dust Under Your Feet (10:7-33); Skin Deep (13:242-256); Reading Kafka in German (14:21-39); Shanghai (37:190-209).

Chinua Achebe. An Interview, Conducted by Bradford Morrow (17:7-29).

Kathy Acker. The Beginning of the Life of Rimbaud (14:150-165); From My Mother (17:54-73); Writing Praxis (21:303-304).

Diane Ackerman. Complaint on her Cat (18:121-122); Give and Go (46:64-69); Owl Puke (49:83-85).

John Adams. An Interview, Conducted by Aaron Jay Kernis (19:174-191).

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. My American Jon (48:231-240).

Adonis. Poetry and Apoetical Culture (translated from French by Esther Allen) (19:303-311).

Julie Agoos. I Remember Her as a Study in Red (41:341).

Anna Akhmatova. Poems and Fragments 1909–64 (translated from Russian by Roberta Reeder with Volodymyr Dibrova) (31:264-78).

Alai. Two Stories (translated from Chinese by Karen Gernant and Chen Zeping) (44:169-189).

Anne-Marie Albiach and Charles Bernstein. Travail Vertical et Blanc and Work Vertical and Blank (23:207-214).

Will Alexander. Bob Kaufman: The Footnotes Exploded (29:211-216); Fishing as Impenetrable Stray (35:393-96).

Urs Allemann. Jo’s Murder Game (translated from German by Patrick Greaney) (58:332-342).

Roberta Allen. Need (66:291-294).

Hilton Als. The Furies (16:71-75).

Julia Alvarez. Our Father (34:271-81); Anita’s Diary (38:23-47).

Gregory Amenoff. Untitled oil painting, cover #12.

Jonathan Ames. Home, Jeeves! (36:226-44).

Emily Anderson. Aerie (61:271-284); Three Little Novels (63:113-130).

M. T. Anderson. Nine Yelps from the Eisteddfod of Idiots (43:337-343).

Bruce Andrews. Seven Poems (15:283-288).

Anonymous. Four Folktales from Nigeria (translated from the Igbo by Romanus Egudu) (18:323-331).

Anonymous. Four Kabbalistic Poems. (translated from the Hebrew by Peter Cole) (38:201-206).

Anonymous. Kagekiyo: A Noh Play. (translated from the classical Japanese by Michael Emmerich) (38:277-290).

Anonymous. The Abraham Pixler Family, 1815, watercolor, pen, iron gall ink, and gouache on off-white laid paper, 10" x 18", front cover #57.

David Antin. How Long is the Present (1:146-164); Determination, Suspension, Diversion, Digression, Destruction (19:51-78); The Theory and Practice of Postmodernism: A Manifesto (21:335-343); The Messenger (41:256-260).

Robert Antoni. Papee Vince Tells of Magdalena and Barto (17:245-266); My Grandmother’s Story of the Buried Treasure and How She Defeated the King of Chacachacari and the Entire American Army with Her Venus-Flytraps (18:281-300); From Blessed is the Fruit (20:150-171); Rolling Beads (22:91-133); A World of Canes (27:334-347); Coeditor, with Bradford Morrow, of Conjunctions:27, The Archipelago; My Grandmother’s Tale of How the Iguana Got Her Wrinkles, or The True Tale of El Dorado (34:399-417); At the End of the Road (44:302-310); Trial of the Satellite or How My Great-great-great-grandfather Almost Lost His Virginity on His Fifteenth Birthday (47:85-106); The Historic Voyage of the Rosalind (50:377-402).

Jacob M. Appel. The Resurrection Bakeoff (54:291-305).

Siah Armajani. Photograph.Open Door Buffet With Windows (7:180).

Rae Armantrout. Engines (with Ron Silliman) (4:120-124); Covers (15:318-319); Two Poems (17:269-271); Three Poems (20:39-42); Two Poems (26:337-339); Three Poems (30:358-61); Four Poems (35:451-57); Three Poems (40:208-211); Two Poems (41:298-300); Four Poems (44:375-379); Four Poems (47:373-377); Shadowboxing (49:351-353); Three Poems (50:176-78); Six Poems (54:155-60); Two Poems (57:50-52); Five Poems (59:172-176); Six Poems (65:94-98).

Elizabeth Arnold. Three Poems (41:348-352).

Eve Aschheim. Internal (with fiction by Brian Evenson) (32:127-43).

John Ash. Two Essays: Why Do We Hate the Music of Our Time? and, In Praise of Charles Koechlin (16:240-252); Zho-Jan (18:59-66).

John Ashbery. I See, Said the Blind Man, As He Put Down His Hammer and Saw (4:30); A Fly (4:31); When the Sun Went Down (4:32); Problems (5:88); They Like (5:89); Destiny Waltz (5:90); Finnish Rapsody (10:91-92); Way of Life (15:140-143); It Must Be Sophisticated (19:209-212); And the Stars Were Shining (21:64-80). Two Poems (30:102-04); Three Poems (33:46-48); Four Poems (35:8-16); Five Poems (37:395-400); Three Poems (40:122-124); Three Poems (47:319-321); Three Early Works (with an afterword by Rosangela Briscese and David Kermani) (49:232-251); Some Silly Thing (50:470-71); Floating Away (51:166); Four Poems (55:57-60); Two Poems (66:256-257).

Robert Ashley. From Foreign Experiences (28:145-179).

Paul Auster. Hide and Seek, A Play in One Act (26:48-66); Accident Report (34:61-65); The Best Substitute for War (37:355-58); Translations of A Dozen Surrealist Poems by Paul Éluard, André Breton, Benjamin Péret, Antonin Artaud, Philippe Soupault, Robert Desnos, Louis Aragon, and Hans Arp (38:233-240); [Tribute to William Gaddis] (with Siri Hustvedt) (41:375-377).

Richard Avedon. John Ashbery, poet, New York, September 27, 1983 [photograph] (49:230).

Carol Azadeh. The Country Road (33:101-18).

Rachel Tzvia Back. Lamentation (57:147-169).

Bernard Bador. Checkmate (6:221); Irritations (6:221); Archeology (6:222); Cancer Dreams (6:222) (all translated from French by Clayton Eshleman).

Donald Baechler. Rose, cover #19; Eight Collages (19:193-200).

Jon Robin Baitz. Amphibians (25:45-59).

Deborah Baker. On Richard Powers (8:255-260); On Steve Erickson (9:282); On Roger Omond (9:283).

Matthew Baker. Proof of the Monsters (64:287-320); The Transition (67:115-132).

Mary Jo Bang. Two Poems (51:148-50).

Russell Banks. Bunting (8:182); The Moor (34:441-47); [Tribute to William Gaddis] (41:379-380); A Permanent Member of the Family (61:8-17); Last Days Feeding Frenzy (64:49-56).

Amiri Baraka. Two Appreciations: Jackie Mc and David Murray (16:62-65); Black Reconstruction: Du Bois & the U.S. Struggle For Democracy & Socialism (29:63-80).

Djuna Barnes. Eighteen Poems (edited by Phillip Herring and Osias Stutman) (31:73-80).

Jack Barth. Songbirds (30:141-47).

John Barth. The First Voyage of Somebody the Sailor (15:7-24); The Novel In The Next Century (19:213-228); Preparing for the Storm (22:261-271); And Then One Day (22:271-286); Good-Bye to the Fruits (22:286-293); And Then There’s the One (30:312-28); A Detective and a Turtle (37:359-73); I’ve Been Told: A Story’s Story (44:8-40); Tear-Down (47:413-426).

Neil Bartlett. From Lady Into Fox, an intimate musical (music by Nicholas Bloomfield) (28:278-287).

Emily Barton. The Distillery (45:127-146).

Charles Baudelaire. From Flowers of Evil (translated from French by Keith Waldrop) (38:349-356); Poor Belgium: The Argument (translated from the French with an introduction by Richard Sieburth) (62:125-145).

Martin Bax. Twenty-One Ways of Loving Celestine (1:258-260).

Ann Beattie. The Big-Breasted Pilgrim (34:196-231); The Clouds, The Apples, Their Lives (57:125-132).

José Bedia. Si se pudiera (“If only I could”), acrylic on canvas, cover #27.

Sarah Belk. On Ernest Matthew Wickler (9:281-282); On Alison Armstrong (12:296-297).

Madison Smartt Bell. From The Head Cornerstone (41:77-102).

Matt Bell. His Last Great Gift (53:221-248); For You We Are Holding (55:202-208); The Migration (59:223-240); In Each Room, Some Unadorned Spectacle (60:263-272).

Martine Bellen. Deception (14:46-47); Three Poems (15:261-266); The Letters (17:207-212); Four Kinds of Water (20:34-38); Renga (written by Bellen, Elaine Equi, and Melanie Neilson) (21:263-268); Calamity Jane (24:277-286); Dharma Bear (26:292-294). Coeditor, with Lee Smith and Bradford Morrow, of Conjunctions:29, Tributes; Architectures (30:307-11); Two Poems (35:207-11); Seven Minds (37:141-53); Spiritual Mathematics (40:105-108); Seeing (41:49-50); Two Poems for Miyazaki (44:336-340); The Cyborg Suite (46:253-62); Tribute to H. D. (47:269-273); The Secret Conversing of Birds (49:213-215); Two Poems Inspired by the Dreams of Emily Dickinson (50:197-200); Hard Objects Found in People (53:312-314); Two Poems (and audio) (58:36-37); Pond Animals (61:268-270); Two Poems (64:72-76).

Carlos Germán Belli. Variations for My Brother Alfonso (translated from Spanish by Rose Passalacqua) (23:111-114).

Aimee Bender. Interval (48:137-144); Three Found Books (63:83-88).

Antonio Benítez-Rojo. From Marina 1936 (translated from Spanish by James Maraniss) (27:199-213).

Donald Berger. Scotch and an Orange (41:353-354).

Michael Bergstein. Three Requia (38:88-89); The Reincarnate (41:249-255).

Stephen Berkman. The History of Dread: A Guide for the Perplexed, albumen print from a wet-collodian negative, 11" x 14", front cover #54; Obscura Object albumen print from a wet-collodian negative, 11" x 14", back cover #54.

Mitch Berman. Orwell’s Bells (with Susanne Wah Lee) (16:94-101).

Thomas Bernhard. Claus Peymann and Hermann Beil on Sulzwiese (translated from German by Gitta Honegger) (31:232-50); Walking (translated from German by Kenneth Northcott) (32:7-66); Heldenplatz (translated from German by Gitta Honegger) (33:307-408); Ave Virgil (translated from German by James Reidel) (53:35-57); A Conversation with Andrew Müller (translated from German by Adam Siegel) (55:329-362); Eight Poems (translated from German by James Reidel) (64:42-48).

Charles Bernstein. Stunment (5:224); Misty (5:225); Bulge (5:226); Five Poems (11:175-177); Common Stock (14:40-43); Virtual Reality (15:258-260); State of the Art (17:199-207); Reading Red (35:183-89); A Dialogue with Mei-mei Berssenbrugge (35:190-201); The Meandering Yangtze (49:263-271); Three Poems (50:111-13); Recalculating (56:119-125); Elfking Suite (60:338-340).

Anselm Berrigan. Like the Blistered Exterior of a Sigh (49:395-398).

Jedediah Berry. Ourselves, Multiplied (52:130-151); Seven Stories (and audio) (59:134-140); Hansel, Gretel, Grendel (with Emily Houk) (66:170-186).

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge. The Heat Bird (2:84-88); Alakanuk (4:125-127); The Star Field (6:35-36); Duration of Water (6:36); Texas (6:37); Empathy (7:169-172); Forms of Politeness (9:92-97); Chinese Space (10:209-210); The Margin (10:211-212); The Swan (10:212-214); Honeymoon (with a drawing by Richard Tuttle) (11:104-112); Irises (14:256-258); Ideal (15:137-139); Size (16:260-261); A Context of a Wave (17:42-54); Daughter (18:332-333); Pollen (20:135-149); The Four Year Old Girl (24:271-276); The Commission (26:330-332); Kali (28:46-50); Dressing Up Our Pets (33:97-100); Two Poems (35:175-82); A Dialogue with Charles Bernstein (35:190-201); Audience (37:69-72); The Mouse (48:313-316); Animal Communication (50:149-51); Glitter (54:252-54); Immortals Having a Party (59:198-201).

Jake Berthot. The Return and Woods (Cherry Hill), cover #41.

Doris Betts. Another Modest Proposal (51:238-44).

Sven Birkerts. Elizabeth Bishop’s Prose: Atmospherics of Identity (29:252-259); [Tribute to William Gaddis] (41:387-388); The Ghost of Electricity: The Dylan Face (46:263-74); Zvirbulis (49:222-228).

Elizabeth Bishop. Three Poems (edited by Alice Quinn) (31:323-26).

Gabriel Blackwell. The Little Death (53:150-170); The I and the It (56:211-220); The Last Film of Alan Smithee (58:88-94); (     ) (60:222-224); The Invention of an Island (62:302-315); La tortue or The Tortoise (65:99-102); Leson (68:83-90).

Sarah Blackman. Mother Box (57:119-124).

Brian Booker. Gumbo Limbo (50:179-96).

Leon Botstein. Music in Time of War (16:122-128).

Louise Bourgeois. Articulate Lair (with poems by Camille Guthrie) (32:267-78).

Paul Bowles. Earth by Mohammed Mrabet (translated from Arabic by Paul Bowles) (1:120-138); Massachusetts 1932 (5:122-126).

Catherine Bowman. Sylvia’s Honey (29:351-356).

Kay Boyle. Excerpt from a Long Poem in Progress, for Samuel Beckett (2:113-114).

Coral Bracho. Three Poems (translated from Spanish by Forrest Gander) (23:79-83).

Scott Bradfield. The Parakeet and the Cat (18:153-65); Animals Behind Bars! (21:144-165).

Kamau Brathwaite. Two Poems (27:89-92).

Rebecca Bridge. (Some Lucky) (61:294); What Wonder (61:295); In The Evening, Even Deepening Is Pretty (61:295); Because the World Can’t Continue If the Bees Die (61:296).

Hermann Broch. Frana (translated from German by Susan Gillespie) (31:319-22).

Edwin Brock. A Room of Her Own (1:99-100); White Room, White Tiles (1:100-101).

George Brockway. A Statement (1:237).

The Master Vyšší Brod (the Master of Hohenfurth). Detail from Jesus in the Olive Grove, c. 1350, cover #59.

Rebecca Brown. The Smokers (36:154-66).

Laynie Browne. Lore (26:301-304); Roseate, Points of Gold (35:151-55); White (40:53-56); Letters Inscribed in Snow (63:138-142).

Melvin Jules Bukiet. Filophilia (33:275-82).

Mikhail Bulgakov. Three Stories (translated from Russian by Anneta Greenlee) (31:311-18).

Basil Bunting. An Interview, Conducted by Jonathan Williams (5:75-87); A Tribute to Basil Bunting, edited by Jonathan Williams (8:148-223).

Luis Buñuel. Bacchanal (4:203); The Rainbow and the Poultice (4:205); The Redemptress (4:206); A Place of Ice (4:208); Odor of Sanctity (4:211) (all translated from Spanish by Edouard Roditi).

Logan Burns. At the Drive-In with Reciprocal Rib (42:356-358).

William S. Burroughs. The Cat Inside (9:7-23); Christ and the Museum of Extinct Species (13:264-273); An Interview, Conducted by Bradford Morrow (61:215-224).

Scott Burton. Six-Part Settee, 1983 (7:178); Acrylic Chair (7:182).

Frederick Busch. Defense (1:200-215); Critics (2:30-36).

Michael Reid Busk. The Connoisseur of Pain (59:202-222).

Robert Olen Butler. She and I (21:344); Boy Born with Tattoo of Elvis (22:134-140); From Intercourse (48:145-148); AWOL (60:57-61).

George Butterick. On Lorine Niedecker (8:224-238); On Nathaniel Mackey (9:283-285).

Mary Butts. Fumerie (edited by Nathalie Blondel and Camilla Bagg) (31:178-88).

Richard Caddel. From Wreay Churchyard (8:211).

John Cage. In Memoriam (1912-1992) (19:320).

Pat Califia. Fix Me Up (19:142-168).

Ryan Call. The Artificial Stork (56:260-266); No Mothers, Only Ghosts (68:152-164).

Tom Callaghan. Epitaph (8:218).

Arnaldo Calveyra. Letters So That Happiness (translated from Spanish by Elizabeth Zuba) (59:193-197).

Robert Quillen Camp. Clustered (38:68-76).

Joseph Campana. Four Birds (49:197-199).

Jay Cantor. Eating Disorders (15:36-54); Memorial Church (51:63-68).

Mary Caponegro. Tales From the Next Village (7:92-106); Materia Prima (10:93-128); The Sound (14:189-191); The Complexities of Intimacy (17:394-401); The Further Complexities of Intimacy (21:81-91); Tombole (24:220-234); Libro Dell’Arte or, The Apprentice’s Mistress (24:235-266); From Doubt Uncertainty Possibility Desire (28:350-364); Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down (34:12-24); Last Resort Retreat (37:33-53); Junior Achievement (40:352-362); [Tribute to William Gaddis] (41:381-386); Girls in White Dresses (45:217-224); Her Lady’s Mouth (48:187-196); The Translator (50:403-14).

Truman Capote. Christmas Vacation (edited by Bradford Morrow, with a facsimile of the original manuscript) (31:139-77).

Paola Capriolo. The Woman of Stone (translated from Italian by Lawrence Venuti) (18:239-256); The Blue Dove (translated from Italian by Lawrence Venuti) (23:235-254).

H.G. Carrillo. Pornografía (48:24-45); Andalucía (51:402-17); Twilight of the Small Havanas (55:321-328); Gavage (61:225-242); Splaining Yourself (62:8-17).

Jonathan Carroll. Simon’s House of Lipstick (39:277-294); Home on the Rain (44:81-96); From The Ghost in Love; Nothing to Declare (50:415-23); The Stolen Church (52:152-159); Elizabeth Thug (54:8-16); East of Furious (56:167-182); The Woman Who Married a Cloud (58:23-35); Plane Light, Plane Bright (66:139-151).

Amy Catanzano. Two Poems (37:392-94).

C.P. Cavafy. Seven Unfinished Poems (translated from Greek by John C. Davis) (31:81-87).

Edward Carey. A Semi-Prehensile Lip (61:171-183).

Hayden Carruth. Notes about Laughlin’s Typewriter (1:87-96); A Possibly Momentary Declaration in Favor of William Butler Yeats and Charles Ellsworth Russel (5:39-52); Got Those Little Old Forever Inadequate Blues (6:100-106); The Guy Downstairs (7:157-165); On Kenneth Patchen (7:270); Eleven Memoranda on the Culture of Jazz (9:67-91); The Spun-Off Independent Dead-End Ten-Star Blast (16:262-271); Duality (41:261).

Anne Carson. Semaine d’Artaud (30:105-14); Foam (Essay with Rhapsody) On the Sublime in Longinus and Antonioni (37:96-104); Beuyskreuz (46:210-212).

Robyn Carter. Aftershock (62:316-328).

Angela Carter. The Scarlet House (26:7-20); “We’re Not Dealing with Naturalism Here”: An Interview Conducted by Susan Bernofsky (40:161-172).

Ana Castillo. All the Rest is Origami (29:261-264); Uitzilintzin, Uitzilintzin: Love Medicine for Sale (34:456-58).

Adrian Castro. Three Poems (29:261-264).

Louis-Ferdinand Céline. Guignol’s Band (translated from French with an afterword by Dominic Di Bernardi) (24:295-332).

Miguel de Cervantes. From Don Quixote (translated from Spanish by Edith Grossman) (38:207-225).

Aimé Césaire. High Noon (translated from French by Clayton Eshleman and Annette Smith) (4:212-219).

Douglas Chambers. A Haiku for Basil, Riving the Apples of Elysium (8:197).

David Marshall Chan. Memoirs of a Boy Detective (45:265-275).

Sid Chaplin. For Basil (8:185-186).

J’Lyn Chapman. Catalog and Brief Comments on the Archive Written and Compiled by the Ministry of Sorrow to Birds (49:86-97).

René Char. Duty (3:209); The Prisoner’s Pencil (3:209); Alter Ego (3:210); Possible (3:210); Youth (3:211) (all translated from French by Edouard Roditi).

Manno Charlemagne. Five Songs (8:185-186).

Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud. La Tête (translated from French by Edward Gauvin) (52:198-204); The Pest (translated from French by Edward Gauvin) (54:172-78); Buddy (translated from French by Edwin Gauvin) (57:326-334).

Susan Cheever. [Tribute to William Gaddis] (41:380).

Anton Chekhov. Fourteen Stories (translated from Russian by Peter Constantine) (31:10-39); Three Stories (translated from Russian by Peter Constantine) (40:363-368).

Matthew Cheney. Mass (66:308-325).

Maxine Chernoff. Keeper of Bells (38:63-67); Five Poems (60:258-262); Five Poems (62:146-150); Three Poems (63:217-220).

Frank Chin. Rendezvous (21:291-302).

Kim Chinquee. Five Stories (45:258-264); Four Stories (60:294-300).

E.M. Cioran. From Cahiers (selected with an afterword by Norman Manea, translated from French by Richard Howard) (31:279-310).

Sandra Cisneros. Mexico Next Right (34:25-28); Natural Daughter (50:71-86).

Robert Clark. Life with Father (45:13-36); Bayham Street (51:216-37); Scott & Ben (57:86-104); Trailer (66:133-138); Father and Son (68:60-72).

Tom Clark. Radio and Other Poems (2:203-215); The Border (4:128-130); On David Markson (14:141-149); Three Poems (19:281-282).

Clegg & Guttmann. Nine Portraits (14:141-149).

Francesco Clemente. Untitled pastel, cover #5.

James Clifford. Interrupting the Whole (6:282-295).

John Clute. Beyond the Pale (39:420-433); Mysterious Strangers: A Conversation (with John Crowley) (67:275-285).

Michael Coffey. From Imagisme, In a Station of the Metro/The Arch (36:311-14); Sunlight (54:121-32).

Arthur A. Cohen. Jepthah’s Vow and Marginality (19:313-317).

Elizabeth Cohen. Kids Who Died at My High School This Year (36:200-03).

Norma Cole. Itinerary’s Control (12:29-35); Seven Poems (15:110-116); For Lorine Niedecker (29:373-376); Conjunctions (35:245-47).

Peter Cole. Rift (6:129-142); Leviticus (9:53-62); Alphabet (9:63); Torches (9:63); Isaac: A Poise (9:64-65); Knowing Is (9:65-66); On Michael McClure (9:278-281); On William Bronk (11:283-284); Ambit (12:252-266); On Edmond Jabes (14:278-280); One to Bet: A Jerusalem Pamphlet (15:324-354); On the Death and Existence of Isaac His Brother (after the Hebrew of Samuel Hanagid, also known as Ismail Ibn Nagrela) (17:310-319); Guest editor of Conjunctions:19, Other Worlds; From Speech’ Hedge Where the Honey (with an afterword by Eli Gottlieb) (23:222-234); Proverbial Drawing (35:323-26); Why Does the World Out There Seem (50:52-54).

Robert Coles. A Struggle for Humility (1:244-246).

Jack Collins. On James Purdy (11:286).

Merle Collins. From Streams of Water (41:121-152).

Brian Conn. Counting Sheep (58:201-214).

Gillian Conoley. Two Poems (42:320-321); Peace Poems (60:225-228); Preparing One’s Consciousness for the Avatar (62:215-226).

Peter Constantine. Coeditor, with William Weaver and Bradford Morrow, of the Rejoicing Revoicing portfolio in Conjunctions:38.

Clark Coolidge. Ashbery Explains (10:78-80); Barely, Twombly (10:80-81); From Comes Through in the Call Hold (Improvisations on Cecil Taylor) (16:102-106); Arc of His Slow Demeanors (35:85-91); Twelve Poems (42:111-120); Five Poems (47:147-150).

Robert Coover. The Asian Lectures (In anticipation of the question, “Why do you write?”) (12:87-88); Night of Assassins (14:107-115); The Early Life of the Artist (17:183-187); From John’s Wife (21:7-33); Briar Rose (26:87-125); The Sheriff Goes to Church (30:242-52); Alice in the Time of the Jabberwock (34:245-70); Punch (36:215-20); Stepmother (40:7-52); [Tribute to William Gaddis] (41:390); Sir John Paper Returns to Honah-Lee (44:113-130); Red-Hot Ruby (50:450-69); In Search of the Body (53:319-329); The Box (56:221-227); Editors’ Note [to The Alphabet and Its Pretenses: A Portfolio] (with Bradford Morrow) (59:249); The Reader (59:289-291); Pach’ (60:68-90); From Huck Out West (and audio) (66:29-52); The Wall (68:213-216).

William Corbett. Basil Bunting (8:186); Last Words (19:318-319); De Kooning (41:114-116).

Joshua Corey. Severance Songs (43:141-153).

Lucy Corin. Walking Hand in Hand with Dinah, A Book without Pictures or Conversations (45:291-296).

Cid Corman. Five Poems (1:217-221); The Intricacies: An Essay and Five Poems (3:73-78); Lorine Niedecker (5:135); Seeing Into & Seeing Through Leonardo’s Scapes (7:239-247); Bunting (8:195); Two Poems (19:293).

Joseph Cornell. Three for Cornell (with fiction by Joyce Carol Oates, The Box Artist; Paul West, Boxed In; and Bradford Morrow, For Brother Robert) (32:228-66).

Philip Corner. A Conversation (with Armand Schwerner) (16:181-196).

Julio Cortázar. For Listening Through Earphones (translated from Spanish by Stephen Kessler) (28:21-26).

Brenda Coultas. Three Poems (35:33-40); An Experiment in Public Character (37:324-30); Two Poems (40:215-216); The Shed (42:121-122); From The Abolition Journal (47:391-394).

Michael Counts. Rome Burns (33:301-06).

Louis Couperus. Of Monotony (translated from Dutch by Duncan Dobbelmann) (31:327-31).

Malcolm Cowley. For James Laughlin (1:222).

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