Fourteen Stories
Anton Chekhov

Conjunctions is pleased to present fourteen stories by Anton Chekhov, previously unpublished in English, translated from Russian by Peter Constantine:

"After the Fair"

"Confession--or Olya, Zhenya, Zoya: A Letter"

"Two Letters"


"A Lawyer's Romance, A Protocol"

"First Aid"

"Fool, or The Retired Sea Captain: A Scene from an Unwritten Vaudeville Play"

"Questions Posed By a Mad Mathematician"

"A Serious Step"

"Supplementary Quesitons for the Statistical Census, Submitted by Antosha Chekhonte"

"Questions and Answers"

"O Women, Women!"

"Doctor's Advice"

"A New Illness and an Old Cure"

More on-line selections available soon.