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Now accepting submissions for Conjunctions:70, Sanctuary: The Preservation Issue

Approximate deadline:
Thursday, February 1, 2018
What seems most permanent is only permanently fragile. Cultures, societies, ecologies, the arts and sciences, histories, governments, the very Earth itself can be eroded or erased far more quickly than the time it took for them to come into being. Once compromised, can they be salvaged, renewed? Things fall apart, to be sure, but they sometimes can be saved.

Conjunctions:70, Sanctuary: The Preservation Issue, explores the myriad ways in which we go about preserving what might otherwise be forfeited. Whether trained specialists or lay people who care about something, preservationists come from every stratum of life. The archivist, the linguist, the local town historian. The paleontologist, the heirloom seed-saver, the family photographer, the Monument Men. Old two-by-two Noah and taxonomist Linnaeus. The suburban girl who collects enough yard sale books to build up a library and thereby safeguards that most fragile of things—knowledge. All can be preservationists.

For our mailing address and other important submission guidelines, please consult We cannot predict exactly when the Sanctuary issue will close, but we expect to read submissions through approximately February 1, 2018.

Contact: Micaela Morrissette, Managing Editor,



In Print

Vol. 69
Being Bodies
Fall 2017
Edited by Bradford Morrow


January 16, 2018
To sit with you
 among the starlings,
 yellow-eyed,  their
  paths hieroglyphic, and
 throw some crumbs our way.
January 2, 2018
I left him in the wilderness, the scrag that’s left of wilderness—plastic bag choking the gatepost, Styrofoam snow in the farmyard. The wilderness drips down my legs. Mercury, moonlight, multinutrient fertilizer. What we pour on the land in nostalgia.
December 19, 2017
Etymology of undulate, circle and cloud. We sign our letters in undulating skies.