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Conjunctions Celebration of James Tiptree Jr. (aka Alice Sheldon)
Conjunctions and the Lesbian Herstory Archives celebrate the release of Conjunctions:67, Other Aliens with a free public reading from the letters of James Tiptree Jr.
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm EST/GMT-5
Lesbian Herstory Archives, 484 14th Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

The literary journal Conjunctions is proud to announce a free public celebration of the game-changing science fiction writer James Tiptree Jr. (Alice Sheldon), copresented by the Lesbian Herstory Archives (LHA).

On Wednesday, January 11, at 7:00 p.m., at 484 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY, the LHA will host a gathering of writers and editors who will discuss the importance of Tiptree's work to their reading and writing lives. Each participant will read from Tiptree's letters to science fiction author Joanna Russ, almost all of which were published for the first time this fall in Conjunctions:67, Other Aliens (November 2016). 

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Opening remarks will be given by LHA cofounder Deb Edel. Participants include novelist and Conjunctions editor Bradford Morrow; Conjunctions managing editor and fantastika author Micaela Morrissette; Conjunctions senior editor and Tiptree scholar Nicole Nyhan; LHA coordinator Ashley-Luisa Santangelo; and the renowned fantastika editor Ellen Datlow. Scroll down for more information on the participants.

The event is free and open to the public; no tickets or reservations are required, although seating is first come, first served. Optional $10 donations to the LHA are welcome. Light refreshments will be served, and copies of Other Aliens will be available for sale.

The space is fully accessible to those with physical disabilities. Email if you plan to attend and require the services of an ASL interpreter.


Founded in 1981 by editor Bradford Morrow and published by Bard College, the literary journal Conjunctions serves those who read dangerously and write fearlessly, provoking and promoting today's most provocative, immaculately crafted fiction, poetry, and narrative nonfiction. The free edition of online-exclusive content appears weekly, while the print and e-book issues come out twice a year and typically revolve around a central theme such as deception, exile, absence, or obsession.

With Conjunctions' contributors leading those of all other literary magazines when it comes to Pushcart Prizes in fiction, it's no mystery why Rick Moody called Conjunctions "without a doubt, the best literary magazine in America." Karen Russell described the journal as "the mutant menagerie of literary fiction. I read it with Christmas pleasure." And Joyce Carol Oates concurs: "If you like good reading that's also provocative and original, naturally you would be reading Conjunctions."


The Lesbian Herstory Archives, located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, is home to the world's largest collection of materials by and about Lesbians and their communities. Founded in 1974, the archive and grassroots activism organization collects and preserves any materials that are relevant to the lives and experiences of Lesbians: books, magazine, journals, bibliographies, photos, tapes, films, diaries, oral histories, poetry and prose, biographies, autobiographies, posters, and other memorabilia. Many of the Archives' principles are a radical departure from conventional archival practices. These principles are inclusive and noninstitutional and reveal the Archives' commitment to living history, to housing the past along with the present. Digital collections, rotating exhibitions, and a thriving events calendar have long made the LHA an essential tool for scholars, activists, and readers of every ilk. In the words of cofounder Joan Nestle, "Traditional archives have been about famous people. From the beginning, that was not our view. This was an archive that belonged to the people who lived its history."


The renowned SF, fantasy, and horror editor ELLEN DATLOW has served as Omni's fiction editor, as well as the editor of Event Horizon and Sci Fiction, and the series editor for Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. She is currently a consulting editor with, the editor of Best Horror of the Year, and the cohost for KGB Bar's Fantastic Fiction reading series. She has received two Hugo Awards, five Bram Stoker Awards, ten World Fantasy Awards, two International Horror Guild Awards, three Shirley Jackson Awards, twelve Locus Awards, and the Horror Writers Association Life Achievement Award.

DEBORAH EDEL is one of the cofounders of the Lesbian Herstory Archives and a current LHA coordinator.

BRADFORD MORROW's novel The Prague Sonata is forthcoming from Grove/Atlantic in 2017. Morrow's many other books include The Uninnocent, The Diviner's Tale, and most recently The Forgers, which Peter Straub described as "hitting the sweet spot at the juncture of genre crime fiction and the mainstream novel with an almost mystical perfection. In its deep knowledge of books and those who trade in them, and in its thousand vivid, unexpected turns of phrase, The Forgers could have been written only by Morrow and at only the rare and striking level of mastery he has now achieved." PEN American Center has awarded Morrow the Nora Magid Award for Excellence in Editing a Literary Journal, describing Conjunctions as "one of our most distinctive and valuable literary magazines. The fiction, poetry, criticism, drama, and art is sometimes described as 'experimental,' but we would also say innovative, daring, indispensable, and beautiful."

MICAELA MORRISSETTE is the managing editor of Conjunctions. Her work has appeared in Best American FantasyThe Pushcart Prize XXXIIIBest Horror of the YearThe Weird, The New Black, and The Bestiary, as well as in such periodicals as and Weird Tales.

Conjunctions senior editor NICOLE NYHAN received her masters degree from the New School with a thesis on the work of James Tiptree Jr. Currently an editorial assistant at Grove/Atlantic, she has worked with publishing houses including Atavist Books, Other Press, and New Directions.

Poet ASHLEY-LUISA SANTANGELO is a coordinator at the Lesbian Herstory Archives and the 2015 recipient of the Academy of American Poets Student Prize.

Contact: Micaela Morrissette,, 845-758-7054



In Print

Vol. 76
Fortieth Anniversary Issue
Spring 2021
Edited by Bradford Morrow


October 20, 2021

codes, we stripped species,
            our insecure
hands of gloves
to crack the test           to our capitalizable
future. Pray
            for the multiverse I’m working on
at midnight.
October 13, 2021
Forgive us. We were waiting
here, in the thickening ice. We worked a long time. Now
we try to give what we found, a little basket
hiding behind each back, full of the young shoots.
They are so green. Mercifully green. We say so. Yes,
they are alive, we say. We, too. We are still sick.
October 6, 2021
Friday night, and you have done the unthinkable. You’ve taken your father’s Jackal Ghost bowling ball from its locked hard-shell case under your mother’s bed—the ball that looks like a purple and black version of the earth, a jackal’s head rising from the swirls—and gone to meet Teddy and Zeke and Evan and Marya, most importantly Marya, for a night of bowling, the game your dead father was obsessed with: the game that, according to your mother, ruins people.