Wil Weitzel
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Wil Weitzel
Wil Weitzel received his MFA at New York University’s Writers Workshop in Paris. His stories have appeared in Epoch, Kenyon Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, The O. Henry Prize Stories, and elsewhere. He was an NYC Emerging Writers Fellow at the Center for Fiction, won the Washington Square Review Flash Fiction Award, and is currently at work on a novel.



In Print

Vol. 73
Earth Elegies
Fall 2019
Edited by Bradford Morrow


March 17, 2020

Because he could picture himself curled up on the shelf of the refrigerator between the bread and the light.


Because he stared up at the sprinkler attachment and thought of it as a metal flower.
March 10, 2020
Mears takes your name. As soon as you say it, he speaks it in quick echo, and it is now his and no longer yours. We don’t know what he does with it or what it does for him, but we do know what happens to those he pilfers.
March 3, 2020
All those touched and killed by the night end up floating on sea. Strewn across some other beaches are the stranded bodies of dead kings.