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Jesse Kohn
Jesse Kohn is a storyteller, dream journalist, and songwriter from Santa Fe. “After the Eye Surgery” is the opening chapter of a manuscript called the book of webs. He holds an MFA from Brown and is a PhD Student at the University of Utah, where he is a prose editor for Quarterly West. His writing has appeared in The Brooklyn RailSleepingfishBomb, and elsewhere. He also sings in the bands Mount Desert Island and Laughing Branches, and is the human brother of a dog named Roy.



In Print

Vol. 76
Fortieth Anniversary Issue
Spring 2021
Edited by Bradford Morrow


August 11, 2021
The property consisted of a small washout pond, several tin structures, and a ranch house with a wraparound porch. The landlord was a tall tan man with silver hair and great big hands, impressive even in his early seventies. He spoke in fast and stuttered rhythms that made me want to clutch the dirt and hang on, but walked at a pace which indicated there was no other place he’d rather be in that moment than with me, touring his property, him explaining to me his rules.
August 4, 2021
I spot wind at the Texas inn where 
my brother plays charcuterie, his head glowing with sweat.

As he peers into the cheese, my oblong sister
offers her face to violent vegetarians

and prognosticates the part about the bison;
indeed, this bison will have denied paradise to us

before we have even eaten. 
July 28, 2021
Sanjay’s stepmother enters the dining room and
his monitoring bracelet records a flutter in his pulse.
Dr. Cameron shows the assistant how he applies
an electrode to the surface of the patient’s brain.
She sees a mountain blow away like it’s sand.