Jeffrey Ford
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Jeffrey Ford
Jeffrey Ford is the author of the novels The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque, The Girl in the Glass, and The Shadow Year; the story collections Crackpot Palace and The Drowned Life; and his most recent novel is Ahab’s Return (all Morrow/HarperCollins). His latest collection is A Natural History of Hell (Small Beer Press).



In Print

Vol. 70
Sanctuary: The Preservation Issue
Spring 2018
Edited by Bradford Morrow


October 16, 2018
The knife was raised
before there was an after.
He cried out, “Stop, stop!
“My name means laughter.”
October 9, 2018
It was his mother’s necklace, so it had value to him, more value to him than probably to his wife. It was meant for a woman though, so he couldn’t wear it.
October 2, 2018
Song of Betel leaves being moved
from one cheek to the other and
someone sleeps on a sofa, the peal
of fleecy bells in the distance.
These real things. These real
things that make everything
real around them.