Gahan Wilson
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Gahan Wilson
Gahan Wilson's cartoons have appeared in Playboy and The New Yorker, among other periodicals. His books include The Best of Gahan Wilson (Underwood Press), which features much of his color work, and Gahan Wilson's Monster Collection, from Barnes & Noble Books. 



In Print

Vol. 70
Sanctuary: The Preservation Issue
Spring 2018
Edited by Bradford Morrow


May 8, 2018
You still eat roots the way each footstep
put together this hillside
as if it was once a pond and slowly

dried for the afternoon–a simple life
May 4, 2018
What an honor it is to welcome Richard Powers back to Bard College this afternoon after over a decade since he last read in the Innovative Contemporary Fiction Reading series.
May 1, 2018
This is one, hoping to exist. This is one, holding out against zero: its reign of absence, its absolute winter.

Down for the count, which needs or does not need our factories of charge.