Eric Ellingsen
Contributor History

Once I was a wet dream in a dry county. Sometimes I danger chuckle, other times I phantom word. I am not usually a conveyer belt or an ingle, even when I am a reverse black hole without an inkling. Still, I don’t get out of the dark sometimes. Still, I do walk around saying heart over and over.



In Print

Vol. 70
Sanctuary: The Preservation Issue
Spring 2018
Edited by Bradford Morrow


May 8, 2018
You still eat roots the way each footstep
put together this hillside
as if it was once a pond and slowly

dried for the afternoon–a simple life
May 4, 2018
What an honor it is to welcome Richard Powers back to Bard College this afternoon after over a decade since he last read in the Innovative Contemporary Fiction Reading series.
May 1, 2018
This is one, hoping to exist. This is one, holding out against zero: its reign of absence, its absolute winter.

Down for the count, which needs or does not need our factories of charge.